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Published August 22, 2018

With the Battle Royale genre becoming increasingly saturated, the game studio Housemarque decided to add another battle royale game looking to dethrone the juggernauts Fortnite and PubG. At Gamescom 2018 the team gave us a first look at Stormdivers, a third-person game with a sci-fi twist.

Housemarque looks to make their game unique by having you not only battle enemies on the same island but battle the island itself. There will be environmental threats you will have to avoid, but you can use your special abilities and class perks to help. From the description, the game looks to be very fast paced with some nice visuals to match.

A beta is coming soon and you can sign up right now here. With the influx of AAA on the horizon this holiday season, this game might get lost in the shuffle. We will try our best to stay up to date.


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