Anime Fans Ruin Anime

  • Basedgold

    Weaboos ruins anime

  • Watch Dubs- get yelled at
    Watch Subs- you should’ve read the manga
    Read manga- that series sucks
    Watch show they enjoy- I know more about it than you.
    Why I don’t even consider myself an otaku. Just an anime fan; the community is terrible

    • Ludwig Larcher

      im not sure what fans you’ve met before but damn!!! I guess i’m on the moderate side, I can’t stand dubbed animes myself so i go for the subbed ones. However i won’t mess it up for people that like dub. But i will make fun about badly dubbed animes though i am guilty of that.

      • Dbz dub is best

        • Ludwig Larcher

          nah i get sick watch dbz kai dubbed. Only dub that was done well was the old hokuto no ken movie back in 93~ that was great work. Ever since… nope

    • FlyGuy302

      So true and its a shame

    • Wrath

      Being an otaku in japan is like calling yourself a weaboo in america…you dont want to be an otaku

      • yeah I always considered anyone that gave them self a nickname for their fandom to be undesirable. Sad thing is: people have pride in calling themselves neck beards,weeaboos, weebs, etc

    • asd

      nah, only the hardcore community that dressed up put on head bands in high school

  • SaviorOfTheWorld

    All fanatics are terrible.

  • Brandon Lindo

    i watch anime cause reality TV sucks….

  • chester

    what anime is the girl from lee’s shirt from

    • jojo kyle

      Kill la kill

  • jay shaw

    Many fans are condescending and can socialize worth a damn.

  • Payton McDowell

    The quality of anime is going downhill so…..

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