ME: Andromeda Just Became Harder Than Onyx

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  1.' cloud says:

    would this be worthy of buying at full price i watched your review on the game and im considering getting it but would this make a dramatic change in the game to make me buy at full price or still wait for a price drop

    1.' topdogentertainment says:

      Its $34 on amazon i think the price dropped significantly over the past months so it cant be full price.

      1.' Working Class Gamer says:

        Gamestop has ME Andromeda for PS4 and Xbox One currently for $19.99 (new).

      2.' cloud says:

        oh i didnt even know becuase on the playstation store its full price

  2. wheres the expansion that explains what happens when the other arks show up. I forgot this game existed tbh, I did put in over 100 hours but can’t find the motivation to play it again.

    1.' topdogentertainment says:

      Bioware said there not dropping single player dlc, to busy with anthem

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