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Published January 21, 2016

Amazon Dash will save your life one day, mark my words. Imagine you are at home and you are running low on your Brita Filters, and you have no idea. Then when you are grabbing that last filter unknowingly, you open the door, and Amazon have dropped off a box of new Brita Filters, and now you don’t have to drink dirty contaminated water. In all seriousness when Amazon introduced this in 2015, I did at first judge it and thought it wasn’t necessary, but then I realized how convenient it can be for families or busy people in general.  The technology in certain Amazon products will notify Amazon when the product is running low, and if you pay a subscription (Amazon Prime), it will be automatically delivered to your home. I haven’t used it personally but if you have or interested in it let us know in the comment section below.

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