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Published August 28, 2019

The games that ruined every kid’s childhood back in the day are getting remastered this fall to consoles and PC. When I tell you these games were tough, they were TOUGH! I can’t even remember actually beating any of these games, but they were fun nonetheless.

For the remakes, you can play them in multiple game versions (Nintendo and Sega versions of these games were different). Enhancements besides the obvious graphical upgrades include:

  • Skipping to any part of the game and jumping into the part you want to play
  • Rewind feature if you mess up
  • Trade show demo of Aladdin is finally playable
  • Full game musical playlist for Aladdin and Lion King

The collection will be available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC this fall. Check out the trailer below.

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    1. Welp I might have a couple of broken ps4 controllers when I get this lol

    2. @AceofAll_Trades @UTxJGTheDon Loved the Aladdin game as a kid so I’m excited. People about to throw hand…

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