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Published January 13, 2016

AIPD at first glance appears to be a top down arcade spaceship shooter and that is probably all that’s needed to love this game. Just from viewing the trailer it instantly reminds me of Aegis Wing from Xbox 360 which is also is something of an old school arcade spaceship shooter. However, one thing that made Aegis Wing incredibly fun and what will also make AIPD more enjoyable is it allows 4 player Co-op. I’m unaware if there is online coop for AIPD, but I’m happy to see local couch coop isn’t dead yet. The game will also be running at a smooth 60fps. January 29th AIPD drops on PS4. It may not be a sophisticated game, but it seems like something gamers would enjoy as a cool off game after rage quitting from COD or NBA 2k.

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