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Published June 10, 2019

Get ready Brawlhalla players because new fighters have joined the fun! Characters from the Adventure Time show is being added to Brawlhalla and more.

You will be able to play as Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum in the game RIGHT NOW! Not only will these characters be added but a new game mode and a new stage will also be added today. The trailer shows off their moves and unique abilities that all fit very well into the Brawlhalla fighting styles. Brawlhalla has done crossovers like this before with the Hellboy and Rayman characters being added and seeing this stuff makes me want to boot up the game again.

Check out the trailer for Adventure Time coming to Brawlhalla that is available right now to play.

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    1. @Cuz_ImBlack I’m redownloading this game btw

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