A New Tony Hawk In The Works?

  • Richie Hartley

    How to print money: Remaster amd Bundle Tony Hawk pro Skater 1 2 and 3 together, sell fr $60

  • Chaka_

    Skate > Tonyhawk.

    Wouldn’t mind a new tony hawk since its been so long (i skipped 5) but they would have to revamp the formula of the old games as i can see it getting boring quick.

  • Creeper

    Sounds like Tony is paying out of pocket for this. If that is true then this could have potential since he could get final say. Just tell the devs he’s working with to take the best parts from the originals, improve them, then put them together and it would be lit 👌

  • Luis Garcia

    If there is one in development, they better not fuck this one up.