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Published November 9, 2019

    So you finally built that PC. You spent well over one thousand dollars to build a rig that runs the latest and greatest. It wasn’t until you finished the build that it hit you that you left nothing in your budget for actual games. So now you’re sitting there with an expensive PC that runs Google Chrome the best you’ve ever seen. That’s a sad reality, but the good news is that doesn’t have to be your only reality. A couple of new titles are free on PC right now via the Epic Games Store. Those titles include

    • Nuclear Throne
    • Ruiner


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    1. Nuclear Throne is a awesome intro to rogue like games for people who don’t know what rogue likes are!

    2. Besides, numerous individuals love games to play with boundless assets. However, it is difficult to acquire assets in the games as coins, gold, trophies, mixture and dull remedy. On the off chance that you have baffled with the restricted assets, at that point get boundless assets free of expense to mess around.

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