Battleborn Is The Worst $5 I’ve Spent In 2017



  • Mr.3vilboss

    Lmao all universal Ls

  • Emmanuel Olofintuyi

    Dang this must of sucked you wrote a whole essay

  • TheHoodedDragon

    This is quite surprising. Now I finally know what was wrong with the game. Thanks for the tip. lol

  • teacherman

    Not a bad piece of click-bait, but it’s basically a tweet drawn out into an essay.

  • Marcus Black

    Lol sorry for telling you about it. I got it on PS4 and didn’t have the crashes mentioned. I told you the story was bad but I only paid 12 for my copy and that it was good for a 12 dollar game but I was talking about the multiplayer. If your team coordinates which they usually do the game is great. Otherwise people rush to play Gallitea and she was broken so it would be uphill. I liked it but unfortunately you couldn’t get into but different strokes different folks.