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Published July 28, 2015

Our residential tech guy has been slacking lately, but don’t worry I got you guys. I had to share this one once I heard about it. Apparently 95% … I REPEAT 95% of Android phones are vulnerable to being hacked via text message.

According to CNET the way this hack works is said hacker sends you a link to a video via text and without even opening it, it infects your phones. From there the hacker can steal all your sensitive data and personal info.

The good news is the hacker who discovered this exploit is one of the good guys. He gave Google a heads up on his discovery (before going public) & patches are expected to roll out soon. The only issue is the Android platform is so fragmented. There’s so many different Android brands and it’s up to those brands to drop the update, so different phones will get the patch at different times.

Currently the only workout around until patch drops is to block incoming text messages from unknown phone numbers. You’re welcome!

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