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Published August 29, 2015

PSN is down! Xbox Live is down! How many times did we hear that in 2014? A lot of that was largely due to a group known as the Lizard Squad. These guys threaten to take down both online services Christmas 2014 and did it. They also threatened Sony’s president which led to his flight being grounded. These publicity stunts put this group on the radar of the police.

Ever since then we’ve seen stories here and there of members getting caught up. According to our source 6 more suspects have been detained in connection with the group. All suspects were between the ages of 15 and 18. The way they caught these guys was “U.K.’s National Crime Agency¬†probe traced purchases of Lizard Stresser, a toolkit used in the attacks.”

The question now is if these E-streets are safe now? I doubt it. I just wish these guys would do something positive with their knowledge.¬†How about infiltrate Sally Mae and free all college students of their debts? I kid, I kid, but if something like that were to happen I wouldn’t complain lol.

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