18 Uninterrupted Minutes of No Man’s Sky Gameplay

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  1.' The Black Hokage says:

    Just like we said on the Podcast. It’s a RED FLAG that this guy won’t let anyone actually play the game. This video is proof lol. Won’t even let IGN touch it.

    1.' slayerming1 . says:

      IGN needs to milk the thing since it’s a month long event, so I imagine that Ryan will get to play the game in the next video. Hence why he was handed the controller. Plus I believe Mitch will have a report tomorrow of his time playing it.

    2.' Swaap says:

      lol dude shook his head hard af in the beginning when the other guy asked if maybe he could play

    3.' supaloudkano says:

      I may be wrong but that might be what they gave him the controller at the end of the video for is to play it himself in the next video. . . Please dont attack me people im just guessing.

  2.' slayerming1 . says:

    I’m just mostly curious to see what the price is, on one hand it’s a indie game made by 10 people, on the other its getting a lot of backing from Sony. Have a funny feeling that since Sean couldn’t say the date at E3, sony will just have them announce the release date, on the day it’s coming out.

  3.' rashaun pauleon says:

    i like the size of it and the game looks beautiful but i wish there were missions of some kind sort of like GTA has the random blue dots appear and you decide to ignore it or participate or even something like minecraft where you can start civilizations.

  4.' Preston Venzant says:

    People are to old. A kid in a galaxy is what I will be. I will explore. It is an exploration game. Maybe they will have tons of DLC or even better mods. Can’t wait.

  5.' Tyrek Ashton says:

    wtf is the objective bruh lmao

    1.' slayerming1 . says:

      They did say in the video to go to the center of the galaxy.

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