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Published December 14, 2015

I hope your wallets are ready, because 2016 is packed with plenty of exciting game that will grace our consoles, PCs, and handhelds (JK, handhelds are a thing of the past). I wrote about the 15 most anticipated games for 2016 HERE and you can check out that list by clicking on the link*. Now it’s time we hear from you!

With games like Street Fighter V, Dark Souls III, Quantum Break, No Man’s Sky, and Mass Effect: Andromeda releasing next year, I’m sure you’re eagerly counting down the days until at least one game releases in 2016. Vote for your most anticipated game of 2016 below!

*The list of 15 only includes games with definite release dates/windows (Quarter 2, for example). A lot of games (The Legend of Zelda, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy XV, etc.) have only been announced for 2016 but don’t have any sort of release window.

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