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  1.' Luda97220 says:

    I didnt agree with everything …. but you put berserk as #1… you get my vote.

    1.' Dman says:

      Fuck The ending tho. I had to read the manga just to get over it

      1.' Luda97220 says:

        dude the ending is way too fucked up, i watched the anime at least 50 times, but the eps 24 and 25 like 2 times at most. Watched it 13 years ago i still hate griffith’s guts with a passion. I do read the scans thoug.. but 3-5 chapters a year DAMN !!!!

        Miura loved I’m on a boat wayyy too much

  2.' Payton McDowell says:

    Shitdoka would have been good in my opinion if the characters weren’t so annoying. It’s not everyday I dislike a character because of their personality but my god, all of these girls deserve brutal deaths.
    Romance isn’t for me so I probably won’t watch Clannad unless I’m butt bored.
    Never heard of HiatusxHiatus but I’ve heard of HunterxHunter; I might watch both.
    Fate/Zero is the anime of truth. I mean, it’s so savage it has a 45-minute pilot.
    I first heard of Berserk on Death Battle and he’s a well known character in M.U.G.E.N. (A fighting game engine)
    I’ve never heard of Baccano! but since it’s an anime similar to Black Lagoon (one of my faves) I might watch it.
    I might watch Garden of Sinners.

  3.' Name says:

    Where’s Jojo tho

  4.' slayerming1 . says:

    Only anime I ever watched was Detective conan, though I may check out Berserk. Since Dark Souls and other souls games were heavily inspired by it.

    1.' Seth Soledad says:

      Definitely play Dragon’s Dogma if you’re a fan of Dark Souls.

  5.' MattOmega says:

    You still ain’t come out and let us know why Cromartie on part one even comes near gracing a list of must watch anime and taking the comedy position that clearly belongs to Gintama or Great Teacher Onizuka. Other than that your top 5 aren’t really my top 5, but its an opinionated list either way.

    1.' QWER12 says:

      I think you should read the article rather than scrolling through the anime shown

      1.' MattOmega says:

        I’m only heavily disputing the position of one anime, cromartie high school, which belongs nowhere near a list of this sort. It was funny, but it wasn’t for this list.

  6.' Dman says:

    Hitman Reborn
    Guin Saga
    Desert Punk
    Accel World
    Blue Exorcist
    Highschool Of the Dead
    The Future Diary
    Great teacher Onizuka

    More anime you should watch

    1.' casjwell says:

      Shiki is dope and I gotta finish Guin Saga.

    2. Og GreenThumbs says:

      steins gate and future diary were epic in my opinion

  7.' ShadowXSasuke says:

    if you don’t like seeing cute things (or girls for that matter) die, DON’T……….. WATCH…………..

  8.' habookaya says:

    putting aside the fact that naruto and one piece werent on it simply beacuse of their overall story, Fate/zero? wtf nigga that series has a shit protagonist and she’s not interesting at all.

    1.' QWER12 says:

      She? Did you even watch the series

      1.' habookaya says:

        yea bruh. and it was disappointing

        1.' QWER12 says:

          The story had no protagonist. The fact that you used that word and called saber a bad character baffles me and makes me assume you never watched the series

  9.' casjwell says:

    Serial Experiments Lain
    Deadman Wonderland (needs to finish)
    Paranoia Agent
    Elfen Leid
    Perfect Blue
    Pet Shop of Horrors

  10.' ZephySB says:

    Berserk is incomplete, and leaves it in a cliff hanger. Berkser is cool to watch, but if you want to actually know what happens you need to read the manga…

  11.' Fulldominator says:

    I rarely post comments, but this is a great list! Of course there are animes i would have added (some I see in the comments) but happy to see every anime you named was at least a great series. No complaints

  12.' Imani Blackman says:

    Im just mad he said dragon ball is not that good.

  13. Devin says:

    Gotta admit I agree with a lot of this

  14.' robin>nami fanclub says:

    good list. can’t agree with the part where you say that akame ga kill is bad though. I would say it’s one of the most ground breaking animes in recent years. I wouldn’t be able to stop if I explained why though.

  15.' chino Ichigo says:

    I not saying it should be on the list but the akame ga kill manga is pretty but they killed it with the anime

  16.' Denis Çerri says:

    where is dragonball,naruto,one piece

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